Friday, 14 August 2009

Cisco IOS/ CatOS

Hi Guys ..!! Its Quiet possible you join an organization with fairly big Network, and after some time you decide to roll out some advanced configuration and you dig deep on network plateform and finally come across some switches having set based IOS , commanly known as CatOS. Now there comes another problem for you and need to get rid of this mix and match IOS stuff and you need to figure out What are the points you need to get though to the higher mangement , Or you finally end up googling CatOS to IOS configs , because 80% of Network Guys are use to IOS commands. Here are some Points that will definaly help you out to Overcome Cat OS Fear, ... )

  • Cisco has Announced CatOS as EOS (So down the road you will not find Critical Bug Fixes)
  • Configuration Changes in Cat OS are written to NVRAM immediately after changes are made - No Write Mem is required (Dont be shocked , And beleive me this will lead to some thing really ....... )

  • All type of Configurations in CatOs are done Via "Set" command Sequence, executed from the enable mode prompt

  • Clear Command will erase a particular command

Here are some examples of CatOs and IOS commands

reset system ---- reload

set system name ---- hostname

set boot system flash ---- boot system flash

show config ---- show run

Below is a useful link for IOS to CatOS Command translation and there is a tool available on Cisco Website whihc can help you to translate whole config into IOS

:( but you need Login on Cisco

Best of Luck
Thanks for reading

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