Friday, 8 January 2010

Solarwinds Certified Professional

Network Management Certification

Solarwinds Certified Professional

Solarwinds Launched network management certification called SCP Solarwinds Certified Professional covering 5 Main topics.

Network Management Fundamentals

Use and explain network management protocols (e.g. SNMP, SNMP Traps, Syslog, ICMP, NetFlow, etc.)

Leverage MIBs, OIDs, and WMI performance counters to diagnose and troubleshoot network problems

Network Management Planning

Translate business requirements into monitoring needs, thresholds, and Orion NPM configurations

Design a reporting system that meets the needs of the various stakeholders

Determine monitoring scope and impact on the network

Determine the impact of network topology on monitoring

Network Management Operations

Network Fault and Performance Troubleshooting

Orion NPM Administration

Well Guys I have given the exam and passed It , dont underestimate the exam .. 77 Questions but its not as easy as pie and try to cover every expect of NPM as you can .... Dont forget to go through geek videos

Remeber difference between SNMP 1 and 2 is Get bulk as SNMP V 2 is scaleable

Calculate Bandwidth with octated given on interface like sampeling shows there are 44000,000 octates in 5 minutes you have to calculate bandwidth ....
44000,000 * 8 = 352,000,000 bits / (60*5) = 1173,333 bps
1,173,333 / 1024 = 1,146 Kbps
1146/1024 = 1.12 Mbps

don't cramm it..............

UDP port 514

Account limitations and view limitation by filters

SNMP port 161 and 162

guys dont forget to have a look on UnDP geek speak there a loads of question on this

Interface is showing … More than 100 % utilization so you have to customize the bandwidth of interface

Some cisco commands ... how to configure SNMP ..... why NMS can get SNMP Trap .....but cannot poll data.

Most of the time ... the questions end up with ICMP being blocked by firewalls

Due to some recent chnages ... network started responding slow ...

Some report generation related questions ... remeber where t geenrate reportrs

how to setup View limitation filters

what things we can setup in ssytem Manager .

due to huge sys logs message DB size in increasing so u have to delte unwanted logs

Due to budget constarint you cannot upgrade hardware what you would doo ... I sleecetd to chnage less frequent polling intreval

SSH is the most secure ...

Port 69 is for TFTP is any firewall blocks ... it means you NMS cannot do something related to IOS upadtes .

Remember 443 port is for HTTPS based access

Have a look on transform Undp

I have Just received this Mug and certificate .... Its good

.............................................................................................To Be Continued as soon as keep reminding any other tips i will update it


  1. Anything else you remember? Thanks...this is great...

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  3. Dear Kashif i am new in using SNMP tool could you guide me from where i can download the study material of solarwind? is email id kindly reply me on it. I need data for studing Solarwind.