Friday, 9 April 2010

Job Interview Tips

Hi Folks ,

Today I have to discuss some interview tips and very common asked question , Some of you may now them before but these are really vital for a success full interview.

Most recent survey of around 1000 employers revealed top 5 reasons why they are not going to apply as specific candidate.

Inappropriate Dressing
Lack of enthusiasm or zest
Lack of preparation for the interview
Body language or communication skills
One work answer

The biggest thing to prepare before going for the interview you should always make sure that you are aware of the position that you are being interviewed , Like Job description , good awareness about the company ( the most appropriate way is to look into companies website).

If you do not understand a question or it is not specific enough, ask them to re-phrase or be specific. If you have been asked to do a presentation, make sure that this is prepared and you have practiced it, if not you may need to re-arrange your interview.

................To be continued

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