Friday, 12 December 2008

Bootable USB for NTFS and Vista

This will help you to create a bootable USB drive for Vista Operating system because some you need to acces the NTFS partition.

1. Plugin the USB and formate it with NTFS

2. Run Diskpart at command prompt (remember at this time your USB whihc we formated with NTFS should be plugged in)

3. type List volume

4. you will get the list of Volumes remember the volume number of your ISB Drive say in our case the drive letter is G and Volume is 6

6. Inorder to select this volume and mark it active so it can boot we will use the following commands
set volume 6
exit (to exit Diskpart utility)
7. Now you need to create the bootting option on the USB drive by using Bootsect Command this bootsect utility is available in MS Vista CD in Boot folder run this coomand with administrative priviliges
bootsect /nt60 g: (remember G is the drive letter of USB drive )
8. Finally copy all files and folders from Vista DVD to your USB and you are done now you can install Vista on any other system
But.... there is a SHORT CUT WAY.....!!!
In order to make your USB vista bootable i have another Shortcut Way ... well first step remains the same to plugin the USB And Formate it with NTFS

and execute this Hot command

xcopy e:\*.* /s/e/f /g g:

e: means E drive is your DVD Rom or Vista installation Sorce drive and G drive is your recently formated USB drive

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  1. it is really good ... and it worked however the shortcut didnt worked ... thanx