Sunday, 21 December 2008

Cisco Routers Tips

RouterA# reload

Reload in 1o(ten) minutes

This command is helpful when we are accessing the router from remote location and suspect if there is any thing wrong in configuration the router will be restarted with in specified time interval to avoid any lockdown

RouterA# reload in 10

inorder to cancell the reload process (in case configuration is successfull)

RouterA# reload cancel

Command line Editing

Ctrl + A Curser at the begning of line

Ctrl + E Curser at the end of line

Ctrl + P Recall previous command in the buffer

Ctrl + N Recall next command in the buffer

Technical Support

Router A# show tech-support:

This command will be used to collect a great information , that provides lot of information by multiple show commands

Evidence Collection

Inorder to collect the evidence from your routers about the legetemate and illegitemate connections some of the following commands may be helpful

  • show reload
  • show snmp user
  • show snmp group
  • show ip arp
  • show ip route
  • show users
  • show logging
  • show tcp brief all
  • show ip sockets
  • show ip nat translations verbose
  • show ip cache flow

ALIAS Command

During configuration and day to day operations you are required to type same commands again and again , in this situation Alias command may help you out , comand such as we use very commanly are

  • Show ip interface brief
  • show ip route e.t.c

to over come this i usually use the alias commands already configured on the routers the syntax of the command is as under

router A (config)# alias

router A (config)# alias exec s show ip interface brief

to check your alias once you forget you can use

# show alias

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