Monday, 16 March 2009

Upgrade Cisco Router / Switch IOS

One you install and configure any router and switch , its not done for effecient and safer network it is important to keep on upgrading an IOS , as oerating system is open to vulnerabilities which is required to be fixed by patches or ios updates

Latest version of IOS can be downloaded from cisco website with appropriate CCO login.

Setup TFTP server it means you can ping tftp server from your router/ switch hardware.

#write mem
To save the config from running to startup
#Copy flash: tftp
Source filename [full file name of ios]
Address or name of remote host [ip address of server]
Destination filename

#Copy tftp flash:
mention the name of new ios file on tftp

verify by issueing
# Show flash:
this will show you newly copied IOS file in the flash , if we have less file on flash we need to delete the old ios file .

#boot system flash:/


sh ver

thats all

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