Thursday, 2 April 2009

Comparison beteween 5510 Base / Security Plus

Cisco ASA 5510 License Comparison

Base License

50,000 Maximum Firewall Connections

5×10/100 Integrated Network Interfaces

50 Maximum VLANs Support

No High Availability (fail over) supported Supports

No Security Contexts (Virtual Firewalls)

No Support for VPN / VPN Load Balancing

Security Plus License

130,000 Maximum Firewall Connections

2×10/100/1000 and 3×10/100 Integrated Network Interfaces

100 Maximum VLANs

and Active/Standby fail over

Supports 2 Virtual Firewalls (included) and 5 maximum.

General Features
Firewall throughput is 300 Mbps and VPN throughput is 170 Mbps , Can accommodate 1 x SSM


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