Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What is the difference between category 5e and category 6?

There is a lot of confusion among the networkers what is the main difference between Cat 5 E and Cat 6 cables.

Cat5e cable run near gigabit speed (With any above normal noise or substandard equipment you can see performance drop), it just cannot be "certified" for this use. Howevre Cat 6 cable is designed especially for gigabit use, and is certified to operate at said speed despite of some noise and abnormalities.

Main difference between Cat 5e and Cat 6 cable is transmission performance and available bandwidth as Cat 5 support 100 MHZ and Cat 6 Support 200 MHZ

These will provide better signal-to-noise ratio, allowing higher reliability for current applications and higher data rates for bandwidth intensive applications.

When implementing Cat 6 make sure you are using appropriate connectors to achieve best performance.

I have learnt from difference resources there is not standard for Cat6 cabling however there is approved standard for Cat 6 cabling which is ANSI/TIA-568-B.2-1

There is one new standard for Cat 6A which will support 10 Gbps and can support up to 500 MHZ.

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  1. This is ok to know difference between category 5e and category 6 in terms of MHZ, is there any difference out of this ?

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