Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Toughest Job interview Questions

I and my friends have recently gone though some interviews processes, last night we thought to share our experience to help others.

Below are top tough interview questions that you may face, there is no obvious right answers that is aimed to highlight your abilities and strengths.

1. Describe your self.

It is definitely not an invitation to give your life history they are not interested in this. You should aim to describe the kind of person you are in a couple of minutes at most. Concentrate on positive qualities, and link them to the key responsibilities of the job you're applying for.

2.What do you enjoy most in your current job?

It is tricky question he actually wants to know what you don’t link in this job. The key is that you like everything about your job. Pick some part of current job that matches new job for which you are interviewed fro.

3. What do you feel you can bring to this job?

This is another question that gives you a chance to shine. You need to link your past experience or skills to the requirements of the job. Pick up to three key strong points in your favour that are relevant to this job.

4. What is your biggest weakness?

Huummm!!! it is hard and very easy at the same time depending if you are prepared for it or not, I always answer 'I'm useless at getting round to household jobs - changing light bulbs and fixing leaky taps. Avoid giving any weakness like I don’t like taking OrdersJ. Then why you are here start your own business.

5. What is your goal or what you want to do in next 5 years time?

Explain your career aligned with the role you are applying for, don’t tell about your dreams :)

6. Why you think you are the right Candidate for the role? Being on harsh end it can be asked as Convince me to hire you.

This question need some preparation and company research, interviewer is looking for any one candidate who have same goals as the company have.

7. Tell me about how you work as part of a team?

Employer want to know how well you work as a part of team , explain you can work on your own or with any one else , you are a self starter , good time management skills .

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